Genlock setup for Led Wall + AR setup



we are thinking to setup an dual machine system based on Aximmetry.

One machine would render an inner frustrum feed into an led wall processor (1x 4kp50 output, ideally via SDI card), the second one would compose some AR elements on top (Digital Extension + AR elements - output at 1080p50)

In this setup, would I need a Quadro Sync card on both machines or is there a way to genlock both machines via say a BlackMagic Decklink 8k?



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If your project setup involves a single computer tasked with rendering all the LED walls, incorporating genlocking would be redundant. Genlocking is primarily utilized to ensure synchronized outputs when dealing with multiple computers or GPUs in LED wall productions.
In scenarios where you might consider using Quadro Sync (SDI) for synchronization, it's important to note that this would serve as a replacement for the BlackMagic DeckLink 8k card. However, Aximmetry does not yet fully support Quadro Sync. On the other hand, if you're equipped with two BlackMagic cards, you can achieve synchronization of their outputs via Genlock in Aximmetry.

Additionally, the necessity of genlocking might vary depending on the nature of your production. For instance, in setups where the content involves small takes rather than continuous long shots spanning dozens of minutes, genlocking becomes less important. In such scenarios, delays can be readjusted if needed between shots.

Note: In a multi-machine setup for LED walls, if the control machine is tasked only with rendering Digital Extensions (without outputting to any of the LED walls), then the other machine(s) responsible for the LED wall outputs will, in essence, also render for the Digital Extension. This is because the Digital Extension is essentially the same rendered picture as the inner frustum feed.

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Thank you so much for the detailed response,

very helpful. Sounds like my first test will be use to use two machines with a GPU + DeckLink 8k each, no Quadro Sync and see how it goes.