Tally Lights solution


Hi. We are looking for Tally lights solution in Aximmetry. For now we found on forum GPIO based. Do someone have experience on internal tally light configuration in Axy?

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Are you interested in learning how to configure logic within the Flow Editor in Aximmetry?  I can show you an example to showcase how to accomplish this.

For example, if you'd like the tally light to appear only during recording and exclusively on the camera currently selected:
Tally Lights solution
The following logic will be structured accordingly. However, it's also feasible to use a similar logic to display the tally light across all cameras, regardless of the camera selection within the Camera compound.

Here is the example logic:

Note, that determining which camera is selected within the camera compound, is achieved by setting the Transmit Integer module's From Tunnel pin to SELECTED CAMERA.

To expand your knowledge on General Purpose Input/Output (GPIO) within Aximmetry and explore more possibilities, I recommend visiting the following resources:
GPIO In-, and Output Setup
Using GPIO in Aximmetry

Should you have any more questions or require additional guidance, please feel free to reach out.

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