Configuration Issue with Obsbot Tail Air PTZ 4K Cameras and Aximmetry



I have acquired Obsbot Tail Air PTZ 4K cameras: These cameras feature the VISCA functionality developed by SONY, allowing remote control of the camera.

I have successfully configured Companion (Stream Deck) using the information provided by the manufacturer:

The video from the cameras is properly captured on Aximmetry. However, when applying the configuration for tracking, I do not get any results on Aximmetry Camera Calibrator.

When launching Aximmetry Launcher, the following message appears: "No connection could be made because the target machine actively refused it."

Could you please help me with this?


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According to the specs ( this camera does not seem to offer tracking capabilities.

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@slimen: As you mentioned, VISCA is a protocol (primarily) used for camera control. Camera tracking is something completely different, and support for VISCA control of the camera doesn’t mean it supports sending tracking data back over VISCA. I’ve seen some cameras that do this, but the results haven’t looked very professional. Camera tracking on high end PTZ cameras are usually done using the FreeD protocol, which is supported in the Broadcast version of Aximmetry.