When going into Playback mode, CPU instantly jumps to 100%+

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Important info beforehand, this project was working fine, also in Playback mode. And suddenly it's acting strange. And I can't grasp what changed. The video files are HQ recorded .MOV's from a Hyperdeck, stored an a large fast SSD. Also Using Lumen in this scene.

1. When I view a V-CAM of the scene, all is fine and only the GPU is under load/ a bit bottlenecked (which is expected at 4K with Lumen)

2. As soon as I select a tracked cam (T - CAM) which is in Playback mode. Boom, CPU goes through the roof. But I am 100% positive that GPU was in 85%-90ísh  range, and CPU very low green range.

3. If I disable the Chromakey, the CPU drops to before. Disabling 3D cleanplate or resetting key doesn't impact this. Only enabling/disabling the Keyer.

Again, I am 100% positive that only the GPU was having a hard time during playback. CPU was fine. What can be the cause? 



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Where did you disable Chromakey exactly? For example here:
When going into Playback mode, CPU instantly jumps to 100%+

Also, does the CPU usage drastically drop if you just switch the KEYER TYPE to BASIC DIFFERENCE?:

Even if you have a fast SSD, high-quality video playback can significantly affect the CPU.

If you are doing post-production renderings, then you can disregard all the red in the ProcessorLoad if you are doing Offline Rendering, more on Offline Rendering here: https://aximmetry.com/learn/virtual-production-workflow/preparation-of-the-production-environment-phase-i/setting-up-inputs-outputs-for-virtual-production/video/recording/how-to-record-camera-tracking-data/#offline-rendering
(For this to happen, the
Video Recorder module's Frame Rate can not be in Realtime. When it is not in Realtime, Aximmetry will render frames as fast as it can and will not skip any of the frames.)

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