Need for 2 output on Aximmetry DE

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I was looking for a method for outputting 2 camera sources combined each with Aximmetry DE at same time, and neded to use these for external switcher. Currently, I am able to do 1 preview output with 2 camera input.

Then I just found the post saying multiple output on Aximmety was not supported yet, and I wonder if it's possible to do that now.

the post I found : 

Multiple camera preview | Forum | Aximmetry

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It is still not supported when using Unreal's camera (Aximmetry DE). Sadly, it is a limitation in Unreal.

What you can do instead, is to output what you see in the different Preview Monitor Outputs:
Need for 2 output on Aximmetry DE

For this, you will need to slightly edit the camera compound. If you want, I can show you how.

Note, that you do not see the other camera's virtual graphics in the Preview Monitor Outputs, instead you just see the other camera's perspective and the billboard placement in it.

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