Aximmetry transparent object in front of billboard.

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I'm trying to put transparent object in front of talent. I use the UEs starters content table figure as the transparent object. Then the content is cooked and opened in Aximmetry, when talent walks behind the transparent object, the transparent object seems to be show as it is behind talent(like he is stepping on it) but all other solid objects are in front as they should, only issue is the transparent object. " Allow Through Tonemapper" Is set in that project.

What could cause this issue?



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You need to set Allow Through Tonemapper only in AR projects.

In every project including the AR projects too, you need to set this:

  • Go to Edit / Project Settings / Engine / Rendering / Postprocessing
  • Set Custom Depth-Stencil Pass to Enabled with Stencil

You can read more on what settings you need to turn on under the Converting Unreal 5 project into Aximmetry Unreal 5 project paragraph here: 

You also need to turn on Use Billboards in Tracked cameras to place the billboard inside the virtual scene's geometry. You can read more about Use Billboards here:

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