can't control the virtual camera

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I am very new to Aximmetry , I am just trying to follow the tutorials.and when I import the unreal project to a new compound and try to set up the camera animation in the free mode I could't move it and its showing the objects from a far distance.


   Jihad jandali

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ahmed ahmed
6/30/2020 7:32:10 PM

Maybe there is a lot of space between the to elements(3D studio and Actor) so you need to fix that by manually make these object in same screen


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Jihad jandali
7/1/2020 6:58:49 AM

Good morning Ahmed,

I am importing the project from unreal engine and its a tutorial project from Aximmerty ready to use, I just cook it for windows.

I tried also a different projects I got the same issue.

I tried to move the Camera but i could't but it can be rotated.


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7/8/2020 3:44:28 PM

Hi Jihad,

There was a unit conversion mixup in one of the versions we released.
Please use the latest version of both the software and the libraries (Common, Tutorials).
The tutorial scenes should work then.

If you still experience the far camera position problem in one of your own scenes, please use the Reset button to bring back the camera to the scene center. After that you can work with it normally,

For the A-B endpoints use this Reset button:

For the Free Camera use this trigger property: