How to record Video Files and Camera movement from the beginning / simultaneously


How to play recorded video clips (greenscreen recordings) simultaneously from the start and record them as video together with adjusted camera movements?

So far the video files in the Flow (Node) are played as a loop and when recording they still play from the beginning.

My exact requirements are:

- 5 finished different video clips (5 greenscreen talk guests).

-> are built into the virtual scene

-> different camera settings and rides

Now I want to record the different clips and camera moves in a way that all clips (the talk) always start from the beginning or simultaneously at the same time as soon as I press record.

Is there also a timeline for the video footage to choose a time by myself?

Thanks a lot for the help.


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You should restart videos when you start recording. The easiest way to do so is by connecting your Record trigger to the Restart pin of the Video Player:

I am guessing you are using virtual camera compounds. In that case, they have a Restart Cam pin which resets the virtual camera movements:

I would suggest rendering the 5 different camera setups after each other and not together. You can use the Video Recorder's Recording pin to reset everything and set up everything for the next camera setup and then start recording:

We have documentation about various aspects of recording camera tracking here:
Some of it might be useful for you even if you don't use tracked cameras.

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Thank you for the explanation. It worked!