Can not get camera input , using Black magic mini Recorder 4K.

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I'm trying to get a Virtual production setup, up and running. But facing problem with getting the came input to the aximmetry De community edition.  I using Black magic mini recorder4K  with HDMI input. I have tried several cameras, Canon 5d mark3, canon 1Dx, Sony A7R3, Sony A6300. But non get to the output in aximmetry. There is just a blank black frame without errors. With no results, I gave a try to a webcam that surprisingly worked. Used Logitech Brio which connects through USB 3.0 and uses type C to connect the webcam. IT worked. So that clarified that the things I'm doing to get the camera to Aximmetry are correct. Besides this all tried to get the camera input into Unreal Engine using black magic mini recorder that also worked. All cameras do show up in Black magic Media express. 

Please Help !! I want to get started with this, as there are some opportunities in hand that I don't want to miss out on !!




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ahmed ahmed

You cant input SDI/NDI to aximmetry De community.


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You should be able to use the HDMI input on the Mini Recorder 4K even in the Community Edition, but you need to set the format (resolution/frame relate) of the input in Aximmetry manually to match the settings on your camera.