The reflection of the billboard looks weird in Unreal, what do I do?

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Due to Unreal Engine’s limitations screen space reflection doesn’t work well with transparent objects (like Billboards).

To fix this, switch from screen space reflection to planar reflection for the floor.


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6/27/2020 7:31:38 PM

Planar reflections are great for planar surfaces, but it’s very demanding on the GPU and doesn’t work for all kinds of reflections. One solution would be to use a linked copy of the video billboard that uses a masked material right “behind” the translucent material. To keep the soft edges on the translucent material, the masked material would need to use an eroded alpha matte. Erode in UE4 is already available in Composure, so that can probably be used for this as well. 

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4/15/2021 12:33:43 PM

can you tell me how to use planar reflection for billboard. I activated planar reflection, but it continues to fail behind the billboard.