How do I stream using RTMP protocol?

FAQ Content Creation Composer Streaming

First of all, you will need the URL of the RTMP server and the correct Stream Key (it is sometimes called Stream ID) to define a streaming output. If the RTMP server is yours you’ll create these yourself. If the server belongs to a service provider, create an account and follow the instructions on their website on how to obtain these identifiers.

Create your account and obtain the RTMP URL and Stream ID as described on the website you are going to stream through.

Then start Aximmetry.

In the Startup Configuration do the following:

(The example screenshot is from the service provider.)

OK and OK.

Aximmetry will restart.

After that you'll see a new RTMP output.  Set it as #2 ,  select a frame rate, and set Sync.

Click Start, load the scene.

Make sure that you have a second "Out" output, that will go to the stream.

Whenever you want to start or stop the streaming, go to the CAMERAS panel and use this button: