New Features in 2023.2.0 and Visca

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Hi Folks.

First of... Thanks a bunch for all the new goodies, updates and fixes in the latest release.
This is just awesome!

One thing to take into consideration though...
While all 'professional' camera trackers fall into the realm of the Broadcast version,
it would be extremely versatile to have the Visca Camera Control in the Studio version as well.
(Just controlling cameras via Visca would be plenty, feedback for 3d tracking could remain Broadcast only).

Visca is such a widely spread protocol, that the Studio version would benefit a lot by adressing (and hence attracting) more and more 'regular' users, streamers, enthusiast, who want to control their lowcost devices
with something way more exciting and stable than OBS :-)

Cheers & all the best.



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Hi Eric,

It makes sense. We added it to our request list and we will consider it in future releases.

Warmest regards,

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Daniel von Seckendorff

Hoping either this will be considered or a trial of Broadcast can be made available. We're using the Studio Trial right now and I can't even validate if the PTZ Optics cameras I have could work as a tracked camera since I can't add Visca.

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You can just email Aximmetry and request a trial for the Broadcast version. It’s always available per request. 

Regarding using the PTZ Optics camera with Visca for tracking, you shouldn’t expect professional results. Visca is typically used for controlling cameras, not getting PTZ data back from them. The data rate might be too low, or the reported position might differ significantly from the actual position, since the camera likely doesn’t have encoders. Professional PTZ cameras use FreeD as their tracking protocol.