Issue with Inconsistent Clarity Between Aximmetry and UE Previews

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Dear experts and practitioners,

I am currently facing an issue in my workflow regarding the inconsistency in clarity between the preview screens of Aximmetry and Unreal Engine (UE).

After incorporating my uproject file into a composite group, I have chosen to implement Live Sync to establish a connection between Aximmetry and UE. This allows me to preview my final composition within UE. However, I have noticed that the visuals within UE are significantly clearer than those in Aximmetry, particularly when it comes to the details of green screen portraits and scene elements.


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The Preview in Aximmetry is just a preview. The final output will be full quality. Also check what resolution you have set Aximmetry to render in. Even if your final output is just 1080p, you will get a much sharper image if Aximmetry is set to render in 4K. 

For best performance, it’s also recommended to cook the project instead of opening it in LiveView mode.