Subject: Issue with Blurry Signal After Capturing with Aximmetry

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Dear experts and practitioners,
I am encountering an issue in my workflow regarding the clarity of the captured signal in Aximmetry. The topic revolves around the problem of the signal from my capture card becoming blurry when it enters Aximmetry.

I am using the Elgato Camlink Pro capture card, and after conducting tests, I found that the clarity and frame rate of my camera signal are normal when it enters the capture card. However, when I select the capture card signal in Aximmetry, the software's camera preview displays a lack of clarity and dropped frames. It's worth noting that the resolutions and frame rates of the camera, capture card, and Aximmetry are all set to 1080p 60fps. I am using the DE Broadcast version of Aximmetry.

Please refer to the attached image for reference. I would greatly appreciate it if any knowledgeable experts could help me resolve this issue.

Thank you very much.


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The preview panel is just a preview, it is not a full-resolution output.
If you really want to compare the image quality, you should record a PNG image of the video using a Video Recorder module:

Also, people don't have the greatest opinion of Elgato Camlink Pro:

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