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What is aximmetry watchdog startup option?and what is the benefits of it?

   ahmed ahmed

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If you start the Composer with the /watch command line switch a separate Watchdog application also starts. It monitors the activity of the Composer, and if it ceases to work (crashes, freezes)  Watchdog removes it from memory and starts a new Composer and also reloads the last scene.

Thus if anything happens your scene will be up and running within a few seconds (depending on the loading time of the scene).

In Preferences / Watchdog you can setup the time thresholds, and also you can specify an SMTP account through which Watchdog sends emails about the crashes.

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Hi Guys.

When putting the mail credentials into the prefs/watchdog, is there any chance in Axy to send a test mail?
Just to make sure everything works as expected?

Cheers & all the best.


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Hi Eric,

We added it to our request list.

Until that, you can test the mail address by crashing Aximmetry with the Crash Tester module:

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