Question on upgrading from RTX 3080 to RTX 4090


I am thinking of upgrading from 3080 to 4090.

Currently with 3080, I can either do

a) lumen on + moveable lights and 1080p or
b) lumen off + static lights baked and 2160p (barely) at 30p with TSR and screen percentage at 75%

Upgrading to 4090 and DLSS3 would I be able to do lumen on 2160p? (at more than 30fps?)

Any feedback is welcomed


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Hi Buffos,

It depends on your scene.
For example, if you are CPU bound instead of GPU, then the upgrade won't help at all.

Otherwise, 4090 is about twice as fast as 3080 in rendering related tasks: 

Warmest regards,