about how to use the 'Playlist'

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Hello, I have a question about how to use the 'Playlist'.

Let's assume there are videos 1 to 4.

Q1. If I want to play each video in sequence from beginning to end, do I have to enter the duration of all video files? Is there other way to play the videos automatically from the beginning to the end without entering the duration?

Q2. What is the function of the Initializer checkbox?

Q3. What changes according to the Action Type?

Q4. Is there a manual or instructional video for how to use the Playlist?

Please help me,,,,


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Documentation for playlists is here


Unfortunately, searching for "Playlist" in Learn Aximmetry section does not yield any results (please fix that).

You will have your questions answered there. As for Q1, yes, if you want to do that with playlists, you will have to enter, as many as videos, Play Button actions, with duration as long as the videos. That would signal, Press play (wait for N seconds) then press play of the next video... etc...

But i would not do that. A better solution is to duplicate the video screen compound and slightly change it. Simply connect the stopped trigger with the play trigger of the next video. So when one video finishes the next plays. You will use that compound only as a playlist feature.

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