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I am stuck with my audio over NDI. 

I have a Video (talent) with audio as an input on my "test input 1" in my VirtualCam compound. I can hear the audio but it's not recording (Record_3-audio compound) and I also can't recieve it in my NDI output (I pick it up in vMix). 

I have normal audio trough my audio interface do. (audio peeker shows that as well).

I must be something simple I am sure. 

Regards, Peter

   P v Gellekom

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If you use Test Input, then you will have to connect that video source's audio to the Record_3-audio compound instead of the Camera compound:

But, are you sure you want to use Test Input?
Why not use the Input panel on the Billboards control board?:

In this case, connecting the audio from the Camera compound will work:

If your audio input device differs from your video input device, then you could turn off the camera button in the Record control board and set Input Device pin to your audio input device:

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