How to print to the console via Script?


Hey there.

This might be a stoopid question, but how can I print to the Log or Messages console from a script?

The regular print('Hello World') doesn't seem to work...




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Answering my own question here... :-)

The current workaround is to have a dedicated output on the script node, connected to a Log Node like so

Supplemented by a short function in the script which then serves as a 'debug print':

function dPrint(str)
outInfo = str
outPrint = true

Speaking of which, it would be cool if the Log Node could feature an 'Print On Change' option similar to e.g. the 'Set Pin' Nodes.
Meaning, it Logs automagically when the input changes, rather than logging periodically, as it happens now with the 'Auto Print'.

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Hi Eric,

Sadly there is no print option within Lua inside Aximmetry, you should use the log module as you do instead.

We added your Log module request to our request list and we will consider adding it in future releases.

Warmest regards,