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Hi! I'm aware that recording the lens distortion data is not possible at the moment, but can I record the focus data to use it in Unreal / Maya / Blender / etc.? As it is a value in meters (I think?) it should work in 3D programs?

Best, Jan


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Hi Jan,

Currently, focus data can not be saved into the FBX file. We have this on the request list and we are considering adding it in future releases.

Depending on your modeling software, as a workaround, you could try recording two FBX files. Where the second file records focus data in place of the zoom data. Like this:

And in the modeling software, you merge the two FBX models somehow. I really don't know if this can work, I have a limited understanding of modern modeling software.

If you are using the Record_3-Audio linked compound. Then note, that inside the compound, you can read out the focus from the Record Data collection like this:

And yes, focus data is given in meters. But Unreal has settings that can affect or change the actual distance.

Warmest regards,