[Feature Request] Get Aximmetry Image in Unreal

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In Unreal, we have "Get Aximmetry Video" , which streams images to Unreal from Aximmetry.

What if we want to change texture parameters from inside Aximmetry? Streaming the image like a video source would be an overkill of resources, especially if we want to texture the whole scene dynamically.
My "solution" is to make flags for each image and turn them on and off on the Unreal side, but this is a nightmare if you want to do that for many textures.

So my feature request is an Get Aximmetry image that will act as a server per trigger.
The image's "onchange" event on the aximetry side serves as the trigger.

PS. It would be ideal if we could just right-click on an instance parameter and select "change in Aximmetry" from the context menu, but that is undoubtedly a lot more difficult.


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Great suggestion!

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We added it to our request list and we will consider adding it in future releases.
The right-click on an instance parameter to modify it from Aximmetry is already on our request list. But as you said, that will be harder to implement.

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