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Hello, i want to use a project I have on UE 4.27, and couldnt upgrade it to work for 5.1, so I cant use the Aximmetry version of Unreal Engine because its on a highger version than my project. Is there a way to acces older versions of Aximmetry´s UE?

   Antonio Shujo

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You can only download the current version of Aximmetry when using the free Community license.

Note, that we provide Aximmetry Community for the purpose of free and time-unlimited trial before making a purchase.
You can write to sales@aximmetry.com, they might be able to provide you with a trial version for older Aximmetry versions.

Also, you could share what errors you run into when trying to update your project. I might be able to help you fix it and upgrade your project to Unreal 5.1.

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my computer is not strong enough