Nvidia Mosaic and Multi GPU


Hey everybody,

due to performance issues using 8 DP outputs out of two A5000 GPUs I currently merged the 8 output LED-Wallpieces into one Mosaic using the Nvidia Control Panel.

Now, when I try to select the GPUs in the Composer Startup Configuration I only have one of the A5000 to select from. Before using Mosaic I was able to select both of them.

The PC also has a Quadro K2200 to use only for the Composer Interface.

The Issue:
When I use "Individual" as Multi-GPU Mode and choose the A5000 as renderer for the Mosaic Screen I will receive the Identification Window on the Wall but no Footage sent to the Output. The Wall turns Black after enterinig Composer and stays that way.
When I now switch the Renderinig GPU for the mosaic to the Quadro K2200 everything works and I have an Image on the Wall but now the Quadro runs on 100% load and the A5000s are Idle.

Thank you for any suggestions as to how I can fix this issue.



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If I understand correctly when using A5000 in Nvidia Mosaic, you see the screen identification on your screen in the Composer Startup Configuration:

But once the Aximmetry Composer is running, you can not see any output on the screen, not even this:

In this case, a screenshot of your Composer Startup Configuration could help a lot in figuring out what is going wrong.

The Mosaic Screen might be too high resolution for aximmetry. The maximum Aximmetry can render is 8192 x 8192 currently, while Nvidia Mosaic can do 16384 x 16384 according to my understanding.

Also, note that Unreal doesn't work with multi-GPU. And we have a video on multi-GPU here: https://aximmetry.com/learn/tutorials/for-content-creators/outputs-and-channels-multi-gpu/ 

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