How do we get audio out of the SDI Preview Monitor?


We are trying to record externally from our Blackmagic Decklink 8K Pro card into our Blackmagic Hyperdecks via SDI. We can easily get the SDI video feed into the Hyperdeck but audio is not following automatically. 

We have looked in all the menu's for options to send the audio through the SDI and can't find anything. We've also spent days trying different node configurations... no dice.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Our production is this coming Monday!


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I usually connect it manually from the Video Input node (you need to expand it to see the audio sources), but I think there should be an option to enable audio in the pre-built compound as well. 

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In the camera compounds, the audio output is under the video out:

You can mix 3 audio inputs using the Record_3-Audio compound:

Or using an Audio Mixer module:

Note, that the audio is exposed together with a video out by connecting it under it. More on exposing video outputs here:

If you are still not hearing any audio, you could check if you are receiving any audio by using an Audio Peeker module:

If you don't see any change in Audio Peeker's video, then there is probably some trouble with the input. If you see changes in it, then the problem is in the output.

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