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Hi developers!

Is there any way to get the visualization bars you have in your scene example and import to my own project? 

Also, is there any way to customize those bars or import custom geometry from unreal to create charts, graphs, etc..? 

Thank you!!


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ahmed ahmed
6/8/2020 6:03:10 PM

Aximmetry Have number of  visualization bars example projects that users can find it in the following path


[Tutorials]\Lower Thirds

Also You can Use the following tools to create new Data Viz bars


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6/11/2020 7:53:12 AM

Thank you very much !!

But... where should I plug the nodes?  

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7/8/2020 10:26:23 AM

In the case of using Unreal you cannot directly use the elements Ahmed listed.

You can add custom geometry to your Unreal scene and control them for Aximmetry.
For that you have to know how to control the releavant property of the geometry (for e.g. the height of the bar) from within the Unreal Blueprint.
If you have that you can make this property appear as an input pin in Aximmetry.
On this please read the Passing data from Aximmetry to Unreal section of

The data itself can be obtained in several ways in Aximmetry. The simplest way is using XML or JSON files.
On handling these data structures please see
The obtained data then can be used to control your geometry.
A (non-Unreal) example can be found in the tutorial scene
[Tutorials]:Lower Thirds\Data_Visualization_3D_Bar.xcomp
It is using a JSON file to control some bars  (implemented in Aximmery's own engine).