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I continue to explore features of Aximmetry and  found following whenI have made about 20 scalar parameters and after that project does not load due too much scalar pin message in the log?

1.Does Aximmetry has limits for pin count and will be this fix in future?

2. Will Aximmetry  support feature to set billboard to animated surface or object in UE out of the boxboth for virtual and tracked cameras?

3. Will Aximmerry support for lit shadow and reflection on bilboard working with tracked camera with unreal engine?

4. Will Aximmetry supports more type of varibles to Unreal engine?

5. Will Aximmetry supports hands tracking?

   Alexander Zhivykh

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7/8/2020 9:25:30 AM

i Alexander,

1. Yes it has a limit of 16 for each data type. We might raise it in the future, but alternatively you can use the grouped data pin feature which were added in the latest versions. It also can make easier for you to connect the data to the Unreal
For that you have to extend the pin names with a group identifier separated by a semicolon.
For e.g. if you define these:

Get Aximmetry Transformation
Name    Object1: Position

Get Aximmetry Color
Name    Object1: Color

Get Aximmetry Scalar
Name    Object1: Opacity

Get Aximmetry Transformation
Name    Another Object: Position

Get Aximmetry Color
Name    Another Object: Color

then on the Aximmetry side you'll get only two pins: Object1 and Another Object.

These pins are of type Collection. A collection can contain an arbitrary number of named values of different types.
Values can be added to the collection using the Set Collection * modules. For the example above:



And similarly for the other pin:

from 3:32.

2. I'm not sure what do you want to achieve here. Could you elaborate?

3. Yes, when we release Broadcast DE, it will contain the feature of using billboards for tracked cameras as well, which makes it possible to use shadows and reflections.  (If you use HTC Vive you you won't need the actual Broadcast license to use these features.)

4. Which types do have in mind?

5. Could you elaborate on this?

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Alexander Zhivykh
7/14/2020 9:10:35 AM

Hi! and thank you for answer.

1. Great Thanks for your explanation

2. As you explained me via e-mail we can use world transformation for this kind of purpose  (for example we need to stick musician to flying in scene object)

3. Wait for feature

4. Now don't need

5. For example use stype hands tracking system to track objects or something else.


As for 2020.5.1. build 18110  we have cyclic project loading when add more then 6 logical pins into unreal project or Project does not load at all. Please check this

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7/16/2020 7:09:23 PM

5. If you mean Stype Follower, then yes it's supported in Aximmetry.

We'll check the logical pin issue, thank you for reporting!