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Is there a way to save a shader instance as a file?

For example, I would like to save the following shader directly without having to open the shader editor, modify the file parameters, and so on.

The goal is to easily build a materials library for Aximmetry own rendering engine.

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   Eric Soulard

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Hi Eric,

I think it is still the best course of action to open the shader in the shader editor:

And change the parameters there and save it as a new shader/material:

Note, you can easily drag and drop the textures in the Pin Values fields or even on the pins:

Another option is to save the shader's pin values inside a compound:

This way you don't need to set the pin values again. However, there will be extra visual complexity in the Flow Editor due to the extra compound.

We have documentation on shaders here:
Note that Aximmetry releases new shaders from time to time. The last one was the PBR_*_Sheen shaders. You can find an example of this shader at: [Tutorials]:Materials\Materials - 06 - Photorealistic - PBR Sheen.xcomp
Also, there are more shader and material examples in the [Tutorials]:Materials folder.

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