Multi Machine and Genlock



I’m putting together a multi machine system with the purpose of powering our expanded LED volume. I’ll only ever be using one camera using Ncam as the tracking solution. 

I used a single computer on our smaller LED setup before and never needed genlock (I used Antilatency for tracking) 

I bought 4090s for these 3 new machines and am wondering if I will need GPUs with genlock since my goal is to render to the wall from multiple machines. 

The Aximmetry documentation doesn’t specifically mention genlock during its multi machine setup portion but it does show it in multicam set diagrams. 

Does anyone have experience doing this and if the 4090s were the wrong choice what would be the appropriate card/set up for this situation?

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We have documentation on Genlock here:

Those Multicam diagrams can be misleading as they show genlocking between the camera's video and tracking. And they don't show Led Walls.

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