What exactly this pin exporting?

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I want to play animation when switch camera,i made the Chain(which is 1)  equal 1 to trigger when switch camera 2,when i switch camera 1,the chain output -1,but sometimes ,it's exact opposite,i switch camera 1,the chain out 1,camera 2 out -1.i want know the real meaning of Chain.


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The Chain output pin is for linking multiple Switch modules. It enables making Switch logic with more than 16 options. You can see how that works in my screenshot under this post: https://my.aximmetry.com/post/2196-switch-with-more-than-16-value-pins 

You don't need to edit the Camera compound to get the currently selected Camera. You can receive this value with a Transmit Integer module, where the From Tunnel pin is set to SELECTED CAMERA:

Also, instead of using the chain pin, you can just put Copy Integer module on the connection before the Switch Transformation's selected pin. And then you can expose the integer value outside of the compound:

You can even control the selected camera and camera paths with these pins:

When the Playlist button is turned on:

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