A quick overview of content creation in Aximmetry

FAQ Content Creation


These are the ways we can help you:

1. All our licenses include 4 stock studios. These can be downloaded together with the software and used freely by all our Clients. 

2. We sell "Aximmetry-ready" simple stock studio sets in the price range of 70-99 EUR if you do not require original sets. This is a forever growing library of stock sets. Currently, we have these studios available: https://youtu.be/9TLnYrcCL_E

3. We can also help with importing existing virtual sets into Aximmetry.  We can estimate on the project basis for these services after inspecting the 3D model. Please contact sales@aximmetry.com for more information.

4. You can learn to import from our online documentation.

5. We have a Technical 3D graphics training package for graphic artists to learn the import process amongst other things. Please contact sales@aximmetry.com for more information.