AMD/NVIDIA Hardware question for Aximmetry w/Unreal5

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I hope this is Ok to ask this question here, since it's more hardware related than purely software.

In the context of pure aximmetry usage for virtual production, and given that UE5 seems to favour it's own lumen software raytracing and supersampling solutions over hardware raytracing and DLSS (which can also create their own issues with billoards), does it make more sense to go with an NVIDIA or AMD card ?

AMD cards seem to be a better deal for "raster" compute, memory and power efficiency, and if their relative deficit in RT isn't a big deal in UE5 with Lumen anyway, I might go for that.

Anyone has a experience with both inside of Aximmetry ?


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Hi Eric,

If I understand correctly you are going to run Unreal with Aximmetry. But you are not going to use any other software.
Which video card suits you better can even depend on such small things as what is your scene like in Unreal, like how many lights or reflections it uses.

Also note that:
Lumen's Hardware Ray Tracing Requirement:
Video cards must be NVIDIA RTX-2000 series or higher, or AMD RX-6000 series or higher.

Personally, I like to compare the hardware with benchmarking sites. Especially with
This site's speed test software is also a good way to test if your hardware runs at its expected performance. As it will compare your hardware's bench to other users' benches with the same hardware.

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Yes, the idea is to add a second machine just to run Aximmetry DE.

According to the latest reviews I've seen (and while still waiting for the RDNA3 cards to come public), it looks like NVIDIA 4080 cards for instance, while powerful, do not seem like such great value. Meanwhile AMD 7900XTX cards look to be more competitive on traditional raster compute but still lacking in hardware raytracing.

My question is thus : Does it matter in this case if Unreal actually favours software raytracing and DLSS is potentially causing problems with billboards and such in Aximmetry?

If it does, then the logical choice would be to pay a premium for the 4090 (if available) else, go for a 7900XTX or XT (again if available) with more RAM and forget hardware raytracing: only sofware RT with lumen, or pure raster graphics.

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@ericmarodon: I would personally still go for the 4090. NVidia still seem to have better drivers and raytraced (non-Lumen) reflections in UE5 still have advantages: