Multi-Machine VR Camera Setups


Hi :) In our latest production I stumbled upon a problem regarding the VR camera paths in a multi-machine setup.

I set some VR camera paths for my second and third render engine and everything worked fine. But by restarting Aximmetry all the camera paths for those render engines got erased. the camera paths for my composer workstation were saved as they should be. 

All project files and Aximmetry compounds are stored on a shared network storage. Do I also have to save those camera paths somewhere on that network storage? And if so, how do I tell Aximmetry Composer and the Aximmetry Launchers where to save/load them?

Thanks :) 


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You don't need any special save or load. The VR paths should be stored and retrieved from here:

In other words, these VR Paths are stored via the above panels and not by computer.

So for example, if you change the Cam (id) Engine here, the remote machine will start using the corresponding Camera (id) Path:

You might need to select the Camera Path again in this case if previously it was set on a different one for that remote engine.

If you still experiencing this issue, can you tell me a bit more about how was the VR camera paths set and the Camera engines?

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