Use lens encoders from different brands on the same tracked cam. Is this possible


let's say I have lens encoders from different brands, one Indiemark II and one Vanishing Point Viper. Using the Viper for zoom and the Indiemark II for focus, on ONE tracked camera. Is this possible?
I think not that this is possible since you just have the option to set ONE zoom device (the naming is a bit missleading since at every point in aximmetry it is spoken of zoom device, but this contains also focus device) for each camera. So if you want to set zoom AND focus on one camera you have to use two encoders of the same system. Am I right?


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There is no solution for two different types of encoders in the Camera compound's Control Boards. But you can easily add this functionality in the Flow Editor.
For example, you overwrite the focus data coming from the compound with the Set Collection Scalar module. The Focus data stored under the Cam Focus Key in the collection:

In the Camera Tracking module, you specify your second Zoom device, which you use for the focus. Note, you will also have to specify a tracking Device too in this module. If you don't have any calibration profile for the focus, then you will have to use the Focus Sensor pin (marked with a red rectangle above) instead of the Focus Distance.

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