Functionality to Convert an entire Collection to Text?

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Is there a simple way in an Aximmetry Composer compound to convert a text collection into a single text or JSON text (without having to save to file)? Or, can collections be accessed through LUA so I can make this conversion with code? Thanks! 


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Hi Zack,

You can only do the conversion with the JSON Exporter and XML Exporter modules. And these modules do save the converted information into files. You will have to load back automatically in Aximmetry if you want to use full conversions like that.

We are adding this to our request list. To better understand how you want to use a future implementation of this, can you tell us a bit more about your project and how would you use such a converted collection? Do you want this because you want to use a collection with LUA script?

Sadly, LUA can not handle the collection data type of Aximmetry.

Warmest regards,