Help me! GPU 700 % UP

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Loading Unreal project

[LogLuminAPIImpl] MLSDK not found.  This likely means the MLSDK environment variable is not set.

[LogHMD] Required extension XR_EXT_eye_gaze_interaction is not available

[LogStreaming] Couldn't find file for package /Game/FirstPersonBP/Blueprints/FirstPersonGameMode requested by async loading code. NameToLoad: /Game/FirstPersonBP/Blueprints/FirstPersonGameMode

[LogStreaming] Found 0 dependent packages...

GPU 700 % UP


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Those logs are probably the source of the high GPU percentage. If you can copy and paste the full log here or share a file containing it, that could help a lot in figuring out the source of the problem.
And do you use any Unreal plugins in your Unreal project?
You could also try if the same thing happens with a new Aximmetry Blank Unreal project in Unreal.

Warmest regards,