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Hi there, 

I am facing some difficulties regarding time code & genlock in Aximmetry.

1. If I don’t use Quadro Sync, is it still possible to generate the genlock / time code? Currently we are using: 

a. HTC Vive Mars
b. Sony fx6 for the camera
c. Blackmagic Decklink 8k Pro
d. Blackmagic Mini Sync Senerator

2. On the Decklink, it can already read the frame rate, resolution 1080i50, and the Ref Input is already locked. However, when the time code sync is enabled, the camera tracking freeD always shown ‘can't keep current latency’. The camera delat input is already 0, tracking delay 0, and in to out latency is 6 or 8, but keep showing the ‘camera can’t keep current latency’. This has resulting the tracker to lost its connection.

3. We already follow this tutorial to show the genlock for the SDI output, and we even use the same devices except the camera, but still not showing the G on the screen. 

Is there any explanation for these issues? Or how to solve the issues?

Any feedback would be appreciated.

Thank you.


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The FX6 can’t be genlocked, which is the central point when working with camera tracking that requires genlock. Without that there’s not much point in genlocking anything else in the camera tracking context. Aximmetry will genlock to the camera input signal and the Decklink Ref input only genlocks the the output of the Decklink. 

So, right now the Vive Mars really isn’t suitable for cameras without genlocking capability. I’ve been advocating a system where the tracking data is genlocked in Aximmetry instead, so let’s hope Vive Mars implements something like this. 

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Note that the G sign is only used if you want to genlock the output of your capture card. It has nothing to do with incoming signals that are genlocked or not. Sadly, there is no way to determine if the signal (tracking or video) is genlocked or not.
More on genlock and G sign here: https://aximmetry.com/learn/tutorials/for-studio-operators/syncing-and-genlock/#genlock-aximmetry-video-output

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