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Hi there.

The Global Find function (Shift-F) is quite cool.
However, it only looks for *compound* names.

Wouldn't it be cool if there was an option to also look for *input* names?

For example, I have a compound called Set Collection Integer 5.
(The typical example of adding or copy/pasting a compound)
and then, 20 Set Collection Integer's later I want to find a specific one.

Which turns out to be cumbersome, since there are so many of them.
However, each of them has a specific input with a specific name.
(Say...Set Collection Integer 10 key input's name is 'ImportantKey')

Now since I know that I want to search for 'ImportantKey' it would be awesome if Global Find could optionally look up input names as well.. :-)

Cheers & all the best.



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10/13/2022 1:59:07 PM

Hi Eric,

Do you want to search for Pin Values?
Like you could search and find this module by the value 10 or abc:

By the way, there are 4 different search modes, you can switch between them by pressing TAB.
For example, you can search for files:

Warmest regards,