Aximmetry 4.27 Cameras not working when Aximmetry for U5 BETA is installed

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I have been running into many issues when installing Aximmetry U5 Beta, when I try using Aximmetry 4.27 for older projects it keeps telling me the camera cannot be added because packages are too old even though I'm using the most updated version of 4.27. the problem seems to fix itself when I uninstall the U5 Beta and the Reinstall Aximmetry 4.27.

Could it be that I cannot have Aximmetry 4.27 and U5 Beta simultaneously?


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10/4/2022 3:12:49 PM

Hi Charles,

You can have the two Aximmetry simultaneously.
But they must use the two different common library packages. You can download the U5 beta Aximmetry common library package from here:
As so, you will have to specify two different Project root folders for the two different Aximmetry and their common library package:

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