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Hi, did anyone solve issues with jagged edges? We have virtual screen in our scene (screen below), but edges are really jagged. We also have this issue on some geometry while virtual camera is moving. Any tips how to solve this? We are using Aximmetry DE with unreal scene. Thanks! 


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10/6/2022 3:33:22 PM

Hi David,

Did you use the settings described here on your virtual screen: https://my.aximmetry.com/post/1629-bad-quality-on-my-virtual-screen-materia
If so, this disables the anti-aliasing and that can cause jagged edges similar to the ones in your screenshot.

You can do various things to hide or fix this depending on how that virtual screen material and object are put together.
For example, if the border of that virtual screen is a separate object and it is in front of the virtual screen, then you can fix the anti-aliasing by doing this (Setting up objects in front of the billboard): https://aximmetry.com/learn/tutorials/for-aximmetry-de-users/how-to-install-and-work-with-the-unreal-engine-based-de-edition/#setting-up-objects-in-front-of-the-billboard

Warmest regards,