Video recording with embedded timecode

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What are my options to record video with embedded timecode for editing?

Which file formats? Can i set custom timecode?



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10/6/2022 10:54:59 AM

Hi Jozee,

Every video format can record timecode.
You can even directly apply timecode to the Video Recorder module. And you can read the timecode of video files:

There is also a Master Timecode system that allows one input in a camera compound to run all the timecodes when the recorders and a input use the Master Timecode option.

Also, you can even save the timecode into the OpenEXR image file format (.exr).
In that case, the EXR file will have the timecode in the metadata, which you can read with a Collection Integer module:

Warmest regards,

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10/11/2022 12:46:48 PM

Thanks, I though more about current time timecode for syncing multiple recorders and for logging.

I've managed to create something that works very well actually.

I'm willing to share the compound if anyone needs it

* It will be very nice to get an "audio to timecode" module. that way we could get SMPTE from an external source.