COOKED version lower FPS than LiveSync

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Hi everybody, I'm working on a Project with several scenes, all have been made with UE4 4.27.1. I'm working with a RTX 3090 and the final output is UHD or QHD.

The odd thing is that when we test the scenes using LiveSync they work great, but after Cooked the performance drop from 30+ fps to 14fps more or less depending on the scene.

Does it makes any sense to anyone? As far as I know Cooked version should have an equal or better performance than LiveSync right?

Thanks in advance.


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Yes, It should have better performance in the Cooked version.

One common reason for this, is that you opened the Cooked version while the Unreal Editor was still open. Even if the Unreal Editor is not running a project, just having a project opened with Unreal Editor in the background can significantly reduce performance. So make sure when running the Cooked version, you don't have the Unreal Editor also running.

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