allow virtuals: stutter in video input

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hi, regarding allow virtuals:

I'm turning off allow virtuals to have a sharper image of my video inputs, and it does an amazing job in increasing input video quality. 

my problem is that after 1 hour of running aximmetry it starts to perform bad with stutters and chopped frames in the input video, and a quick software reset eliminates the problem. 

if I turn on allow virtuals the problems goes away. 

has anyone had a similar problem? 

my PC specs:

intel i9 12K
32Gb ram
RTX 3090 ti
10G ethernet

   Emilio Vargas

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10/4/2022 1:12:54 PM

Hi Emilio,

It shouldn't make any difference that Allow Virtuals is on or off.

Nevertheless, does it only shutter on billboard/input video or it shutters with Unreal's rendered image together? A video of it could help a lot in figuring out the issue.

Also, when this happens, is there any error log, like latency errors?
Also, does anything goes red in the ProcessorLoad?

Warmest regards,