looking for video plyer navigation bar

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I'm looking for a navigation bar in a video player where I can adjust its position while the video is playing.If so, I wonder where it is.

please let me know Thank.


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There are several ways to have or make a navigation bar.
It depends on what kind of environment you want to use it. Here are two ways to make it:

One way is to simply use the sequence editor.
For that, you need the Sequencer and Sequence Video modules:

Double-clicking on the Sequencer opens the sequence editor. In the Sequence Video, you need to specify a Video File.

Another way is to make one using the Dash Scalar module.
Like this, where the maximum of the Dash Scalar is the length of the video:

Note, you probably want to disable the Looping in the Video Player module when using the above setup.

Also, you can add this to a control board panel's values:

More on Pin Collector here: https://aximmetry.com/learn/tutorials/for-content-creators/special-compound-pin-collector/

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