ArUco Markers to position my tracked camera height in a virtual set

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I want ArUco Markers to position my tracked camera height in the virtual set. I know that Aximmetry now has Marker Detector, but how do I use it with my TrackedCAM to set the camera height?

Here is a good example of what I'm trying to do inside Aximmetry:


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Hi Rehema,

You can generate ArUco pattern at:

This is how you should set the Marker Detector module:

And you could do the following modules to find the right height. Depending on your needs you might want a different setup:

The Transmit Transformation module named CAMERA TRANSFORMATION> gets the camera position from the TrackedCam compound.
You set the Video Input and Camera Tracking modules to have the same devices and calibration profile as the Input in your TrackedCam.
The peeked scalar (Scalar Peeker) shows the height of the ArUco marker. You are at the right settings when it shows 0.

For example, you move the Delta Cam Transf until the peeked scalar reaches 0:

Note, the ArUco detection might not be accurate enough for your needs. Also, a lens calibrated camera will increase accuracy.

Warmest regards,

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Thank you.