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Hi guys! I was always wondering, obviously I can pause the virtual cam movement during its pre-made path (A-C), the thing is, if I do so, the paused movement is so sharp, it doesn't look realistic at all.

So, I was wondering if there's any way I can set it to start pausing a bit earlier so the camera movement will get slower and slower and it would stop completely, so it would look more realistic and natural. 


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Sadly for this, you will need to edit the camera compound.

Go to your camera compound and enter it after enabling Edit Compound In-Place:

Find the Input compound within and enter it:

If you use more than one camera input, then you will have to do all these for each Input... compound.

Find Cam Speed compound and enter it:

Add Multiply and Sequencer modules like in the screenshot below.
In the Sequencer module set Playing State to Playing, Looping to Off, Stay In Loop Ref to On, and Auto Loop Reg to Off:

Now, you should be able to Pause and Play the virtual cam movement by turning Backwards on and off.

Adding a Sequencer Scalar module will allow changing the length and speed curve of the Pause and Play:

In the Sequence Editor, add two keys with the value of 0 and 1 (1 is the maximum speed of the camera, and 0 is the pause). And then you can set their curves to Bezier to make the pause even more smooth:

With a Pin Collecter, you can expose the Pause to the Control Board:

More on Pin Collectors here:

Also, we added this to our request list and we will consider adding it as an integral part of Camera compounds in future releases.

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