Vive Mars FreeD and Aximmetry


As I understand it Vive mars now supports FreeD, which should enable us to use it with Aximmetry (until a later update I'm sure).

However is there any documentation on how to set this up?

I can only see options for UDP and COM ports in Aximmetry but I'd assume you'd need an IP for the Mars system?

I've not gone through the calibration process yet as I was planning on using the Aximmetry one. Is this necessary to get things set up?


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Just updating as I got it working, posting for anyone else if they're struggling...

The key was updating the Vive mars firmware via the Vive mars itself. Initially I updated it with the latest version on the Mars site (v0.7 or something) but this didn't have any options for FreeD.

I didn't realise at the time that that wasn't the most up to date version, the Vive Mars system was then able to connect to the internet and download a 2.xx version that enabled freeD options on the unit itself which I was then able to use to access via Aximmetry.