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Hi. I'm trying to teach myself to use Aximmetry DE with UE 4 and cinema C4d.

So far I have been able to successfully build a virtual set in C4d, import it into UE4 and from there import the UE for aximmetry file into Aximmetry DE. My problems start from here. I have tried to follow the "complete studio scene" series of tutorials but, they are based around 3dMax which I have no knowledge of at all and appear to use a complex import model (collada) technique that I cannot understand (or figure out ) how to translate to the import from UE4 into aximmetry that I have learnt to use.

What I want to be able to do next is :-

1>add a light that will cast a shadow from the billboard

2> have a reflection of the billboard talent in the floor.

Here are a couple of screen shots to illustrate more clearly exactly where I'm at.

All help would be very much appreciated. Many many thanks. Andy

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The Complete Studio Scene series is meant for Aximmetry SE users who use Aximmetry's native engine as a rendering engine not Unreal Engine. 

For Aximmetry DE users who use Unreal Engine for rendering, everything concerning the 3D scene is renderer in Unreal, except for the Billboard which can be rendered by either Aximmetry or Unreal. If you want to lit the billboard with lights in the Unreal Scene turn on Allow Virtuals, however in this case Aximmetry elements will always be rendered on top of the billboard. Also, the image quality will be slightly worse.

Please go through this document that explains what to setup in your Unreal Scene for the best results with Aximmetry.

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