URSA G1 SDI to HDMI Compatibility Question

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Hi all,

I purchased an Ursa Mini 4.6k G1 which only has SDI. I purchased a BlackMagic SDI to HDMI converter.

Is this compatible with Aximmetry?

I had a BMPCC6k that connected no problem but, I wanted an URSA to be Netflix approved.

Just want to make sure it will work as it did before.

Thank You!


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Yes, it should work flawlessly if your SDI to HDMI converter works. Aximmetry doesn't know anything about the hardware you are using other than the Capture card that is connected to your machine, which in this case is an HDMI one. Keep in mind that converters have a resolution/framerate limit depending on the type of SDI they support. If you are expecting a 4K signal, then 12G SDI should be used. You have to insure compatibility between all of your recording pipeline (Camera, converter, cables, and capture card).

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