Error when reading some XML files

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Hi there.

Some XML files (in this case a FCP EDL Export from Resolve) have additional tags like:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<!DOCTYPE xmeml>
<xmeml version="5">

Axy doesn't seem to like the <!DOCTYPE xmeml> at all.
When I manually remove that line
(or alternatively load the XML in Axy as Textfile, use ReplaceText to get rid of that line, then use it as XML)
it works just fine.
Would be cool if Axy could be a bit more 'forgiving' when it comes to unknown tags,
since the rest of the XML seems to be perfectly fine.

Cheers & all the best.


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8/22/2022 3:54:23 PM

Hi Eric,

Yes, I guess Aximmetry could disregard unknown tags.
We added it to our request list and we will consider adding it in future releases.

Warmest regards,