How to calibrate the zoom of space and virtual space by tracking the camera?

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After I did the lens calibration, I imported to the Community Edition DE, but something went wrong. The green screen scaling still doesn't match the space of the virtual, it's normal only in one position. How exactly do I need to be able to actually match the movement of the whole picture? Could it be that this system does not support tracking ? 

The three pictures below are screenshots I took with the slide rail in three positions, and my configuration screen。Why is the actual effect of the lens calibration software so poor?


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8/10/2022 7:33:25 PM

Aximmetry DE Community supports Vive tracking, so you’re missing something I’m your tracking setup or calibration. It’s hard to know exactly what’s going wrong, but try reading and following the documentation carefully. Lots of people are using Aximmetry with tracking successfully, so it’s not the lens calibration software that is at fault here. Loopings at the screenshots it doesn’t look like you’re even receiving tracking data from the Vive.